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Armamentos &

 Steed, LLC.

Over 40 years experience in DUI, Criminal Defense, and Traffic or License problems!
Drunk Driving and Repeat Driving Under the Influence recent cases:
One of our clients despite a .15 breath test was found not guilty after a bench trial where our lawyer showed the machine was not properly inspected. A client facing a 2nd DUI had the arrest thrown out after after our lawyer showed the officer did not know how his radar device should be used and tested. One of our clients was found not guilty despite a .16 breath result when the defense argued there was not proper foundation to admitt that result. A client charged with Felony Aggravated DUI who pulled out in front of an officer and had open alcohol in the car was found not guilty after trial.
Drug offenses, Felony Cases, Misdemeanor & Domestic Violence Defense
Our lawyers have successfully represented clients charged with possession of drugs, possession with intent to deliver drugs, criminal sexual abuse and assault, battery, aggravated battery, retail theft, domestic violence, and aggravated domestic violence.
Driving while suspended or revoked, serious traffic violations, and license reinstatement.
With over 40 years experience, our lawyers can help you try to avoid a suspension or revocation if you are charged with a serious traffic violation. If you have been charged with Driving While License Suspended or Driving While License Revoked, our attorneys can try to help you avoid a conviction or possible jail time. Our lawyers can also guide you down the road to full license reinstatement at both formal and informal hearings.